To create an academic atmosphere Conductive to all round growth of young students so that they would ultimately blossom into capable individuals having technical competence and managerial skills coupled with healthy mind and strong physique.

Long Term Goals

Related to Development of College

  • To develop institute into a premier education center for the pursuit and development to technical excellence and skills.
  • To establish Graduation and past graduation.
  • To establish research facilities.
  • Cultivation & Collection of Herbasi Drugs.
  • To Impart & Convey the Knowledge of health Education to the community by organizing the campus, seminars etc.
Related to Development of Students
  • To Mould the students into responsible citizes who would later contribute for the welfare of the country and health of the society.
  • To imbibe in student’s rounded technical knowledge, develop in the capacity to innovate new formulae’s and drugs in the field of research & development.
  • To Establish industry institute interaction for the benefit of both.