BCYRC Institute of D. Pharmacy & B. Pharmacy (Proposed) Nagpur


About Us

  • Backward Class Youth Relief Committees was founded in 1974 with the primary objective of uplifted of students belonging to Backward Classes & Rural Areas.
  • Headed by Shri. Bhausahab Mulak, Ex-Minister, Government of Maharashtra, Ex Mayor of  Nagpur Municipal Corporation and a Man of  vast Experience and vision. This organization grew by leaps and bounds.
  • Shri. Rajendra Mulak, the Secretary is an enterprising, dynamic and innovative personally and is the catalytic force behind the progress of the organization.

BCYRC’S Institute

  • Karmavir Dadasaheb Kannamwar College of  Engineering, Nagpur.
  • Bhausaheb Mulak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya & Hospital, Nagpur.
  • Bhausaheb Mulak Ayurved College & Research Hospital, Butibori, Nagpur.
  • BCYRC’S Institute of Diploma in Pharmacy, Nagpur.
  • Bhausaheb Mulak College of D Pharmacy, Umred.
  • Bhivapur Arts & Commerce College, Bhivapur.
  • Sanskar Junior College Nagpur, Umred, Butibori.

To Provide quality education in pharmaceutical science to one and all in the rural & Urban Areas to serve humanity with integrity.


To Impact quality technical education in pharmaceutical science by providing excellent academic environment. well equipment laboratory & Training through quality & Teachers.

For You and Your Institution

  • Objectives

    To create an academic atmosphere Conductive in all round growth of young students so that they would ultimately blossom into capable individuals having technical competence and managerial skills coupled with healthy mind and strong physique.

  • Long Term Goals-Related to Development of College
    • To develop institute into a premier education center for the pursuit and development to technical excellence and skills.
    • To establish graduation and past graduation.
    • To establish research facilities.
    • Cultivation & Collection of Herbasi Drugs.
    • To Impart & Convey the Knowledge of health Education to the community by organizing the campus, seminars,etc.

What Students Say




I am a part of B.C.Y.R.C Being here I realized that if one is a diligent student, then the association with this institution can take do wonders to you. The faculties here are knowledgeable, experienced and supportive. They help you get your basics right. The environment of college mostly revolves around studying.

Kunal Nimakar



B.C.Y.R.C has given me exceptional environment during the years of my pharmacy education. The faculty has provided me with personal attention and helped me learn beyond. Various events, activities and programmes are conducted to help students with their overall development. The college has a very friendly ambiance.

Riya Pathak



After joining the institute, I could completely envision a life changing experience. The faculty takes care of your all round development but still brings your more focus unto academics. We get to interact with many professional during various guest lectures. I feel I am already close to achieving my dreams.

Sanket Mahalle


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